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We are looking for an experienced manager who will be responsible for designing policies, overseeing customer service and implementing technology solutions. You should be a responsible leader with an analytical and strategic mind and have a broad knowledge of the business. If you’re also committed to productivity and compliance, we’d like to meet you. Ultimately, you’ll ensure the operations in strategy, regulatory compliance, development run smoothly on the position:





Head of Operations






You will be responsible for:


  • Participation throughout ongoing business processes within the branch,

  • Active management over the local team, including establishing policies and work culture,

  • Development of the long and short-term strategies for the best business outcome,

  • Creating procedures and establishing goals for different teams to achieve performance improvement,

  • Execution of such goals and monitoring of the results, i.e. by setting KPIs,

  • Playing the role of a mentor  with a hands-on attitude,

  • Conducting pro-development activities such as process mapping and project management in accordance with proper analysis of the company’s potential, inventory and competences,

  • Direct cooperation with the board and other offices in Poland and abroad.


We require:


  • Proven work experience within related roles,

  • Good knowledge of legal and economic aspects connected to a leadership position,

  • Keen interest in developing within a leadership role,

  • Strong communication skills in English,

  • Passion for managing diverse and inclusive teams,

  • Good time-management skills with the ability to handle various projects simultaneously,

  • Being Microsoft Office Package friendly, and especially Excel friendly,

  • Combined experience in Young/Dynamic and Corporate companies (is a great advantage),

  • Proven experience in fast growing business focused companies with the lean\flat structure.


We offer:


  • Attractive remuneration adequate to competences and rich benefits,

  • Working in a friendly and cooperative team,

  • Independent position with great freedom of action,

  • Efficient management system that reports directly to the board of directors,

  • The possibility of team development and a real impact on the development of the organization,

  • A very attractive remuneration system and a transparent bonus system,

  • Individual implementation plan for the position.

  • Ambitious challenges that prevent you from falling into a routine,

  • Possibility to create and implement your own business solutions in the field of management.


Head of Operations

21 września 2021
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10 października 2021
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10 października 2021
Dla naszego Partnera - polskiego producenta rozwiązań z dziedziny automatyki przemysłowej - poszukujemy obecnie
Human 4 Human - Agencja rekrutacyjna Praca Rekrutacja Warszawa finanse produkcja sprzedaż wsparcie rekrutacji dla małe średnie przedsiębiorstwa headhunter
Human 4 Human - Agencja rekrutacyjna Praca Rekrutacja Warszawa finanse produkcja sprzedaż wsparcie rekrutacji dla małe średnie przedsiębiorstwa headhunter